Inside Exhibitor Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Inside Exhibitor! We have approximately 550 indoor exhibit spaces. Exhibitors are limited to amateur radio, electronics, and related businesses.

For a complete up-to-date listing of all Inside Exhibitors and Flea Market Vendors, please visit our friends at by clicking on the logo below.
Included is detailed product descriptions and hyperlinks for Inside Exhibitors that participate in this listing service. Check back often for updates!

For an easy-to-read report of all confirmed inside exhibitors the current and previous years, visit the files section of the Hamvention group on Yahoo!

Inside Exhibits Office & Vendor Hours
Booth Maps - You can also download a hi-resolution map of the entire Hamvention venue or a detailed interior map with exhibitor directory.
Application Form
Contract Form
Hara Drayage Form
Hara Rental Form
State of Ohio Vendor Tax Forms


Visit our secure web-based portal to purchase Inside Exhibits reservations.

Make your purchase for inside exhibits fast, easy, and secure.

If you have ordered online and did not receive a email confirmation or anything in the mail within 30 days, please contact

Other Questions??? Contact information for the respective committees (Tickets, Flea Market & Inside Exhibits) can be found on the Contact Us page!

Inside Exhibits - Pricing and Details:

Arena through March 15, $600; after March 15, $675

Select Economy Spaces in North Hall through March 15, $375; after March 15, $450 – North Hall Economy Space Numbers (Beginning with NH in the online system; e.g. – NH0163) 130, 131, 163,164, 178-180, 190-192, 202-204, 228, 240, 263, 264

Select Economy Spaces in East Hall through March 15, $425; after March 15, $500 – East Hall Economy Space Numbers (Beginning with EH in the online system; e.g. – EH0601) 601, 606-608, 613-615, 620-633, 640-643, 652-655

All other Booth Spaces through March 15, $575; after March 15, $650

Exhibit booths are approximately 10’ x 8’ and include one 8’ X 30” table, two chairs, and 200 watts of electricity. One parking pass and three name badges per booth are included. Additional badges are $20.00 each.

Additional vehicles are $20 each. A Dayton Hamvention® badge or an admission ticket is required for entry.

Please make us aware at the time of registration if you are using a box truck or other large vehicle(s) that does not fit in a standard automobile parking space to insure a parking place it is available for your convenience.

If your application is received on or before March 15th, we will give our best effort to assign you the same booth space as last year, but this cannot be guaranteed.

After March 15th, booths are assigned on a first come/first serve basis. So get your applications in EARLY!

We accept Master card, Visa, American Express, and Discover. No checks will be accepted at the show without prior approval.

ALL PHONE LINES for inside exhibits can be ordered through the following AT&T contact:

Jessica Wlodychak
404-986-3223 Desk
404-539-0685 Cell

INTERNET ACCESS for inside exhibits is handled directly through the Hara Arena and can be found on the Hara Rental Form found in the forms area above. For details information on this service, please contact the Hara Arena directly at 937-278-4776.

Dayton Hamvention
Inside Exhibits Committee
PO BOX 1463
DAYTON OH 45401-1463
Phone: (937) 276-6931
Fax: (937) 276-6934